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If you look around your office, you will probably find pens, pads of paper, and magnets that have the name and logo of other businesses on them. This is known as “swag” and it is one of the most common ways for businesses to create familiarity amongst customers. Everyone appreciates a free gift, and if it has an advertising message about a business on it, it communicates that message over and over again.

No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use swag as a powerful advertising tool. Typically swag gifts are low-cost, and they present a significant return on your marketing investment. It is important to plan your strategy effectively though, or you may just be handing out gifts that end up in the trash. Make sure to keep the following considerations in mind before you order swag for your business.

Use Items That Have Value

One of the biggest challenges when using swag is coming up with a gift that is inexpensive to produce in bulk, but that has actual value for the people you are giving it to. That is why so many businesses rely on office supplies as their gift. If possible, tailor your swag to the kind of business you run. For instance, if you run a restaurant, give out free plastic cups with your name on the side. Above all, make sure that whatever you give out is something that people will want to hold on to and use regularly.

Brand Yourself Carefully

The point of swag is to create familiarity. Ideally, your future customers will recognize your company name or logo when they see it in person because they remember it from the swag they were given. Design any gift you give out to provide a simple, clear message. Make the name of your business the focal point, and then surround it with logos, signature colors, or slogans that are unique to your business. Avoid including too much information or you risk making your message confusing.

Find the Right Place to Distribute

People like to get gifts, but they don’t want to feel like they are having junk forced on them. Find a friendly and organic way to distribute your swag, (this weekend Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas is doing it in a big way as well as FanFest in Downtown Austin) so that it feels like something special and not just another piece of advertising. Act graciously if someone declines your swag, and make sure you are not giving the same people the same pieces of swag over and over again.

Tie It All Together

As we mentioned earlier, swag is all about creating familiarity. That is why it is so important to tie your swag into the look of your business. Make sure that you have clear and bright signage so that when people see it, they will remember your name from the swag they got. Use the same colors and logos so that there is no confusion. You can even use custom led signs to advertise that you have swag to give out. A custom neon sign is a great way to communicate crucial information about your business to everyone who passes by. With a the right sign, you can transform your swag into customers.

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