The Importance of Signage at Hard to Find Businesses


Every business would like be located at a major intersection where tens of thousands of cars and pedestrians pass by every day. Unfortunately, most businesses have to settle for the location that fits into their budget, provides the space and features they need, and is available to be used, and it may be less than ideal. Businesses that are located in hard to find areas like alleyways, or off street level, have to make an extra effort to get noticed.

The location of your business does not have to be a disadvantage, and can even work to your favor, as long as you know how to make your signage work for you. Increase the traffic that comes through your door and make your current and future customers happy by using these tips.

Use Electronic Signs

A paper open/closed sign is inexpensive, but how many people are really going to see it in a second or third story window? If your business is hard to find, rely on neon open or LED open signs that produce their own light. These signs are brightly lit, colorful, and easy to see in any conditions. When animations like swirling or flashing lights are incorporated, these signs can easily grab the attention of passersby, even if your business is hard to see. When placing electronic signs, be sure you consider sight lines so that you can speak to the maximum number of customers.

Use Informational Signs

If your business is hard to find, it may also be hard to park at, or hard to find the front door. Don’t just let your customers know where you are, use your signage to make it easy for them to engage with your business. Put up sings saying things like “Parking in Rear” or “Entrance on the Side.” This makes it easy for customers to access you, and helps elevate their mood before they walk through your front door.

Use Off-Site Signs

For some business that are particularly remote, there is no place to put signs on the outside of the building where they will have a real impact. If necessary, find other places to put up signage. If you are at the end of a hard to find road, put up a sign where it intersects with a larger road. If you have positive relationships with surrounding businesses, ask if you can use some of their space to display signs. Use simple visual clues like pointing arrows to direct people to your location. Be sure that you have permission before you put up any sign on someone else’s property.

As we said earlier, there are sometimes advantages to having an odd location. It gives your business an exclusive, off the beaten path feeling that appeals to many customers. You probably also have less direct competition. As long as you use highly visible signs that communicate the right message from the right spot, your unusual location becomes an asset.

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