Should You Replace Or Repair Your Broken Signage?

4335184955_a3400bea08_zLike everything else at your business, signage requires maintenance. Over time it gets covered in dirt and dust, damaged by weather and customers, or simply wears out after constant use. When this happens, it is important to take steps immediately. Ineffective signage is a huge obstacle for your business, and you may be loosing customers both new and old because they are not understanding what your signage is trying to tell them.

When signage wears down, you have two options: replace the signs or repair them. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider a number of different factors before you make your choice. Use this simple guide to help you decide.


Consider repairing your signs under the following circumstances.

  • They have been recently purchased
  • The cost of repairs is minimal
  • You can do the repairs yourself
  • You can get by without your sign for an unknown period of time
  • Your business is known for signature signage that can’t be replaced
  • You have a compelling reason to double down on the signage you already have.

There are maintenance experts that can repair print, painted, and electronic signs, provided they have not been too damaged. If you are considering repairing your signs, seek out their expertise first. Also, if you do not have any experience working on electronic signs, don’t try to do the maintenance yourself. You risk damaging the sign even further and injuring yourself in the process.


In many cases, replacement proves to be a better option than repair. Consider these factors.

  • Is the cost of replacement less than or equivalent to repair?
  • Does your existing signage look old or shabby?
  • Have you been wanting to update your marketing messages and rebrand your business?
  • Have maintenance issues with old signs become a waste of time and money?
  • Are you aware of the new signage options available to you?
  • Do you have any ideas for custom signage?

Remember, too, that newer types of signs that incorporate neon or LED lights simply work better than older styles of signage. An electronic sign that glows, produces color and possible even movement is impossible to miss no matter what the conditions are like outside. It is worth it to consider replacement simply because it creates new opportunities for your business.

Choosing between repairs and replacement is not an easy process, but it is important that you take steps quickly to get signage back in your windows. Regardless of whether you need the help of maintenance experts, or access to a vast inventory of new signs, All Neon Signs has got you covered. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to fix signage problems both large and small. We also sell neon and LED signs, and can even make you a customized sign. If you are debating what to do about damaged old signs, contact one of our representatives, and let them answer your questions and guide you through your options.

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