How to Attract Winter Olympics Enthusiasts to Your Store

yhst-39255723373684_2267_171148690For two weeks at the beginning of February, the entire world will be focuses on the thrilling athletic action taking place at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. This truly global celebration captivates billions of viewers and connects people across borders like few other events can. There is a lot of excitement about this years games, and some compelling storylines and possible future heroes already in development. We expect this to be one of the most widely watched and long remember Winter Olympics of all time.

Your customers are probably excited about the Olympics, and this creates opportunities for your business. This is especially true if you run a sports related business like a memorabilia store, athletic equipment retailer, or clothing supplier. It is even true for businesses like bars and convenience stores. If you combine the right sales pitches with the right forms of message delivery, you can take advantage of Olympic excitement to make serious amounts of extra revenue this month.

Consider the example of the memorabilia store. In the weeks surrounding the Olympics, there is near constant media coverage about past games, and many people find themselves reflecting back on their own experiences with the Olympics. If your store sells autographs, medals, commemorative posters or other Olympic memorabilia, this is the time to tell customers about it. Consider the sporting goods store too. Following the Olympics, there is often a rush to buy ice skates for kids who want to take up lessons, or hockey gear for young players that have been inspired by the national teams they saw at the Olympics. Rarely are so many people excited about sports, which makes it an ideal time to sell the necessary equipment.

In order to sieze these opportunities, however, you have to know what you customers want to hear, and how you can deliver that message the loudest. We have put together this simple guide to help you attract Olympics enthusiasts to your store.

  • Determine How Your Business Relates to the Olympics – What product or service do you sell that would appeal to people watching the Olympics? This could include anything from the equipment the athletes use, to the snacks and drinks people like when they are watching the games. When you think outside the box, there is a way to link almost any business to Olympic excitement.
  • Create Excitement Around the Olympics – In order to generate the most money around the Olympics, you need to induce people to buy during this specific time of year. The first step is to keep them informed about the start of the games, storylines that are unfolding, and major events coming up. The second step is to design deals, discounts, sales, and special offers targeted at Olympic related merchandise.
  • Broadcast Your Message Clearly – The final and most important step is to let everyone know that you share in their enthusiasm. Use your signage to tell people about products, discounts, and special news. If need be, order more signage, or customized signage to get your message across. And remember, you only have a limited time to communicate your message, so make sure you use signage technologies that are bright, bold, highly visible, and adaptable to a wide range of messages. Neon and LED signs are your best bet for grabbing the attention of both passionate and casual Winter Olympics fans.

Now is the time to start planning your Winter Olympics strategy. Make a survey of the resources you have on hand, and make sure you are equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities of doing business during the Olympics. If you need to order new signage, design custom signage, or consult with a professional about your signage options, do so as quickly as possible.

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