Open/Closed: The Most Important Sign At Your Business

All of the signs you use to promote your business are important, no matter how small they are or what they communicate to customers. But there are certain signs that are completely indispensable. One that does not get enough credit for driving customers through your front door is the open/closed sign. Having one, and using it properly, is an integral part of your signage mix.

open_signYou may think that it is obvious when you are open and closed, but your customers may not feel the same way. Just because the lights are on inside or people are visible behind the counter doesn’t mean that a business is open. When there is confusion, there is nothing more frustrating than parking a car, walking up to a door and finding that it is locked. Being able to clearly and consistently communicate when you are open to customers is a simple courtesy and a handy visual aid. Conversely, letting customers know when you are closed can save them a moment of frustration and build goodwill for your business.

If you do not have an open/closed sign, or the one you have is long overdue for an update, consider incorporating LED technology into your storefront. LED signs are the accepted gold standard for signage right now and create unique opportunities for any business, in any industry, to reach out to customers. These are just a few of the reasons why you should upgrade your open/closed sign to LED.


LED signs are bright, colorful and capable of producing full motion graphics depending on the model you use. Compared to paper open/closed signs, LED signs offer exceptional levels of visibility. It doesn’t matter if it is nighttime, storming outside, or you are located in a crowded marketplace, LED signs are easy to see.


When you rely on an LED screen to work as a sign, you have the freedom to change fonts, colors and creative messaging. Rather than using the same bland sign that everyone else does, you can customize it to reflect something about your business. You will draw in customers simply by having the foresight to do something different.

Easy Maintenance

It could not be easier to install and operate an LED sign. The process requires little more than hanging it up, plugging it in and turning it on. Plus, LED lights use a miniscule amount of energy, so even if you leave your sign on day and night, it will not affect your electric bills in a significant way. LED bulbs also have an extra long life span, so you rarely need to worry about changing them.

Contemporary Look

An LED sign is an easy way to upgrade the look of your storefront. There is such a wide variety of signs on the market that it is easy to find one that complements the way your business looks.

If you are not already using an LED open/closed sign, you owe it to yourself and your customers to consider one. Today’s busy shoppers are looking for convenience, and this is one simple way to make it convenient to spend money at your business. Research the extensive inventory of open/closed LED signs to find the right one for you.


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Get Your Name Out There In 2014


Prevailing business wisdom says that if you are not growing, you are failing.  And while it is not necessary to double or triple the size of your business every year, it is important to take a proactive approach to attracting new customers.  With the new year ahead of us, now is the time to plan for the next 12 months.  How do you plan to bring in new customers, draw back returning customers, and increase recognition of your business?

Growing a business is not easy, but one aspect of expansion that can’t be ignored is marketing.  No matter how exceptional your products and services are, if potential customers do not know who you are, what you do, and where you are located, they will never step foot through the front door.  The good news is that marketing does not have to be a costly, time consuming, or confusing process.  There are simple steps you can take to get your name out there in 2014.  Use this simple guide to help you thrive in the coming months.

Name Recognition

The name of your business is one of its most distinctive features.  Make sure that your name is prominently displayed in a highly visible location.  This has two positive effects.  It helps create an identity for your business that sticks in the minds of customers and makes it easy for them to discuss with friends and family.  It also confirms to everyone that passes by the front of your location that this is a business, and it is open to the public.  This may seem simplistic, but imagine the consequences if people didn’t know the name of your company.


For many business, the nature of the services offered is not self evident.  This is especially true if a business offers services that go above and beyond.  Imagine, for instance, a gym that also offers tanning.  Potential customers know they can go there to workout, but they may be unaware of the tanning beds.  Make sure it is clear to both pedestrians and motorists what exactly it is that you do, even if it seems obvious.  Try to communicate your core services and most unique features in simple, direct language that can be immediately digested.


One of the most underrated marketing tools of all time is an Open/Closed sign.  People need to know when you are open, and, conversely, they will appreciate knowing when you are closed.  Make sure that it is easy for passersby to tell when you are available to do business.  Also, if you offer special hours like early morning opening times or 24 hour service, find a way to highlight this.


The look of marketing is just as important as the message.  You can promote recognition and set yourself apart from other businesses by adopting a few basic branding strategies.  Pick signature colors for your business and highlight them in your marketing messages.  If you have a logo or slogan, display it on the front of your building so that it sticks in the minds of customers.  Make your business unique by injecting some humor into normally dry communications.  All of these are simple ways to stand out from the crowd.

As you may have noticed, all of these marketing objectives can be accomplished with the right signage.  The signs you put up are a major asset, and they are one of the first things that potential customers notice.  If you need to update your signage, go with bright, bold, energy efficient neon signs.  They communicate your message 24 hours a day, are impossible to miss, and they can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business.  A small investment in neon signage now will help you grow your business all day, every day, all year long.

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Taking Advantage of the Post-Holiday Rush

The two weeks immediately following Christmas are some of the busiest shopping days of the year. People are eager to exchange gifts, redeem gift certificates and spend cash. There are also basic services that need to be taken care of as people have their table linens cleaned and begin to pack up their decorations. Then, following New Year’s, there is a whole new round of resolution-based spending as people join gyms, update their wardrobes and start diets.

If your business is in the retail or service industries, you need to take advantage of this consumer rush. With so many people out and about, your first goal should be to get noticed, and there is no better way to do that than with the right signage. Using bright, bold neon or LED signs, and tailoring your messages to post-holiday shoppers, can drive in whole new streams of business. Here are a few tips.

Use Your Open/Closed Sign

Many businesses close down for a day or two around the holidays. If you are open, make sure that everyone knows it by turning your sign on the minute you begin serving customers. Conversely, it can be a welcome courtesy to use a sign that actually says “Closed” so that you can avoid any potential confusion. We have all had instances when we have parked the car and walked through the ice only to find out that the place we were going wasn’t open.

Highlight Special Services

If you are running any discount deals, contests, special offers or other holiday promotions, use a sign to let everyone know. Some holiday shoppers are flush with spending money, but a whole other segment of customers has strained their budgets to prepare for the holidays and is now looking for a deal. Use your signs to tell everyone that they can get something extra if they do business with you.

Mention Your Return Policy

Returning merchandise is a stressful process. Every store has their own policies, and it is hard to know how a return request will be met. If you strive to make returns easy, mention it with a sign. It does not have to explain your whole policy, it simply needs to reassure your customers that taking things back is simple.

Use Signs to Add Character

Not every sign has to deliver a sales message. The holidays are a festive time, and many businesses decorate in some way. Adding seasonal signage to the interior or exterior of your space can enhance the atmosphere and enliven the mood of customers. If you live in a college town, you might also think about putting up a sign for the college football team as they enter bowl season. Think about what your customers are excited about, and try to reflect that in your signage.

The final point to emphasize is that around this time of year, electronic signs are much more effective. The days are often overcast, the nights come earlier, and there is the potential for storms. You can make sure you stand out through winter weather by using neon or LED signs. They are available in a wide range of looks, and you can always have a custom sign made. Light up your business after the holidays, and let all the shoppers know that you have what they need.


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Merry Christmas From All Neon Signs

lit_christmas_treeAll of us here at All Neon Signs would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. At this special time of year, we hope that you can take some time off of work to spend with your friends and family. No matter what your Christmas traditions are, take this opportunity to relax, reflect and soak up the magic of the season.

We take Christmas very seriously here in our office. Our business is producing lights, and there is a strong link between the Christmas season and light. The meaning of the season seems to be encapsulated in the warm glow of bright lights on a cold winter’s evening. That is one of the reasons that so many Christmas decorations are illuminated.

The tradition dates back to 18th century Germany. Before tinsel, strings of twinkling lights and ornaments of every type, people would decorate their Christmas trees with candles. The candles would be fixed to the tree branches using melted wax or pins. Almost 100 years later, they began using candle holders, and the link between Christmas and light was solidified.

Electric Christmas tree lights did not become popular until electric power became widespread, but the first ones appeared in 1882. Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, had 80 custom made incandescent light bulbs built specifically for his Christmas tree. At the time the decoration was seen as a publicity stunt, but beginning at the turn of the century, businesses started to incorporate electric lights into their Christmas displays. The first electrically lit Christmas tree to brighten the White House came in 1895. The iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree was first adorned with lights in 1931.

The use of electric Christmas lights spread quickly, but it was not until the 1950s that they became standard in many American homes. The tradition has only grown since then. Christmas lights migrated from the tree to banisters, mantels and eventually the outside of houses. Now, many neighborhoods have coordinated lighting displays, or hold competitions to see who can turn their home into a festive winter wonderland. Wherever you go around Christmas, you can see lights of every shape, size and color lighting up the night, sometimes modestly and sometimes spectacularly.

At All Neon Signs, we can’t help but love this illuminated time of year. Around our office and warehouse, we have put up bright signs in the shape of Christmas trees, snowflakes and reindeer. Even at work, the Christmas spirit is infectious.

It is our sincere hope that the stress of the holiday season has melted away so that you can enjoy a great meal, the exchange of thoughtful gifts, rounds of Christmas caroling, glasses of eggnog, the joy of children, and the too-rare opportunity to gather the entire family. Merry Christmas from the entire team at All Neon Signs. We hope that your holiday season is filled with light.


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Prevent Problems With Your Neon Signs

internet_cafe_signSignage problems can present serious headaches for business owners. If you rely on a neon sign to tell your customers that your are open or that you have service 24 hours, and suddenly that sign goes out, what will your customers think? They may assume that you have closed permanently, or changed the way you run your business.

That is why regular maintenance and upkeep of your neon signs is so important. You want them to be glowing vibrantly both day and night. There are simple preventative measures you can take to keep your neon sign running longer, and easy ways to troubleshoot common problems. If you rely on neon signs, be sure to read through this guide.

Dust Your Signs

Over time, dust and dirt will collect on the tubes of your neon sign and dull their luster. In other rare circumstances, these particulates can even present a fire hazard. Make a commitment to regularly dust your neon signs to keep them at optimal running conditions. The first step is to turn the sign off and unplug it. After the sign is cool, use a feather duster or cotton cloth to wipe down the neon tubes. Be careful that you do not disconnect any of the wires. Do not use water or detergents, as these can cause greater problems.

Use Your Sign Appropriately

Neon signs cannot be used interchangeably for indoor and outdoor use. The majority are for indoor use, and they must be modified if they will be exposed to the elements. In general, it is a good idea to keep all your neon signage indoors so that it is safe from severe weather and vandals. However, if you feel it’s necessary to put signage outdoors, make sure it is properly equipped.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Your neon sign will come with an information packet that answers all of the most common questions and provides detailed instructions for use. Be sure to follow this guide to the letter. There is a lot of conflicting information online about how to properly use neon signs, and the simple fact is that every manufacturer makes their signs a little differently. The information your manufacturer provides should be considered the most reliable and authoritative. In some cases, you also risk voiding your warranty if the sign is used improperly.

Make Sign Maintenance Routine

The best way to keep your neon signs in excellent running order is to keep a regular eye on them. If your businesses uses a checklist or some other method to ensure that maintenance is done systematically, make an inspection of the signs a part of it. The sooner you catch problems, the easier they are to repair.

In general, neon signs require a minimum amount of maintenance. Mostly you just turn them on and off. But at All Neon Signs, we are absolutely committed to your satisfaction, which is why we offer a one year warranty on all of our electric signs. If you ever have issues after the end of the warranty, we can arrange for service or replacement.


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Protecting and Repairing Your Electric Signs

8410163194_173b313ab2_zProtecting and Repairing Your Electric Signs

As a business owner, you understand the importance of regular maintenance. You have the floors mopped, the displays organized, and the windows washed on a regular basis. But do you pay the same amount of attention to your signage? For the same reasons you purchased signage in the first place, you need to keep it maintained. Otherwise, it may be overlooked.

There are simple steps you can take to keep your LED signs running longer, and to avoid common hazards. With the winter stretching before us, and nasty weather surely coming down the pipeline, now is the time to start taking sign maintenance seriously. Take these steps to ensure that your LED signs make it through the winter.

Unplug Your Signs

There are some signs you may want to keep on 24 hours a day if you think they will attract customers. But if you have signs on the walls inside your store, or an “Open” sign in the front window, unplug them at the end of the day. Even when they are turned off they draw a small amount of power. This boosts your electric bill, and it puts a little extra wear on the sign each night.

Position Your Signs Strategically

The location of your sign is important from a marketing standpoint, but also from a maintenance standpoint. No matter where you place your sign, make sure that the power source is protected from the elements. If you have signs in your front windows and you known that a major storm is one the way, take them down on the off chance that a window breaks. Similarly, if you have outdoor signs that can easily be taken down, move them inside before severe weather hits.

Prepare for Power Outages

Wintertime power outages are not common, but they are hardly rare either. Your LED sign will not be damaged if the power suddenly goes out, but you may want to have a backup power supply in place. Think about how the loss of your electric signage will affect your business when weighing your options. It can be a welcome courtesy to your customers to be able to tell them you are temporarily closed and why.

Wipe Your Signs Down

This is a maintenance step you should take year round. Occasionally run a cotton cloth over the surface of the LED sign to removed accumulated dust and grime. Make sure that you do not use water, detergent, or harsh scrubbers. If you have ice build up on one of your signs, take it inside, and wait for the ice to melt.

One of the major advantages of LED signage is that it generally requires very little maintenance. The bulbs last for tens of thousands of hours, and the units are made to be durable. If you do ever have a problem, however, All Neon Signs offers a one year warranty on all of our signs. If you experience any problems beyond the first year, we would be happy to arrange to have your sign serviced by an experienced professional.

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Prepare Your Signage For Winter Weather

The winter months present unique challenges for small businesses. The weather becomes colder, which limits the amount of foot traffic passing outside. Grey days and snowy weather can make it difficult for customers to find you. Many people also change their schedule when the days get shorter, and they want to spend their nights at home.

If you run a businesses, it is important that your signage changes with the season. For instance, restaurant owners don’t need a sign advertising patio seating when it is 20 degrees outside. Conversely, that same restaurant may want to put out a sign advertising hot soups or holiday meals. Customers are looking for different things in the winter than at any other time of year.

winter-neon-signsIf you want to make the most of your holiday signage this winter, plan ahead. Look at the signs you have up now, and think about how well they will function once it starts getting cold. Use these simple tips to have the most impact.

Think About Visibility

How well can your signs be seen in the winter? Imagine, for instance, that your business uses a folding sign with a chalkboard on it to advertise daily specials. This works in the summer when people are out walking or driving with the windows down, but in the winter when car windows are crusted over with ice and people are staying indoors, the visibility of that sign plummets.

Switching from conventional printed signage to neon signage can help you get noticed. Neon signs are bright and colorful, and they are highly visible even in poor weather. The warm glow of a neon sign is also inviting on a cold, gloomy day. Decide what your customers most need to know, and then use neon signage to keep them informed.

Holiday Hours

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all coming in quick succession, most businesses are forced to adapt to a new schedule. If you plan to be open on Christmas day, or to open extra early on Black Friday, make sure that all your customers know. At the very least, you need to have a highly visible Open/Closed sign in your front window so that customers both new and old know when to stop in.

Winter Products

It only makes sense that people purchase different things during cold months than during warm months. If you have a sign out advertising a sale on swimsuits, it is probably time to take it down. Make sure that your signage relates to the products people most want to buy. Hardware stores should advertise that they have ice melt, coffee shops should brag about their hot chocolate, and clothing stores should offer specials on hats and gloves. Customers are more likely to stop in if they know you sell what they most want to buy.

One final consideration is the maintenance of your signs during the winter months. That is one of the major advantages of neon signage. Unlike most other signs, neon signs stay inside your business, so they are largely immune to the effects of cold temperatures and winter storms. That means that an investment in a neon sign will last longer than almost any other kind of signage. If you want to grow you business this winter, make sure you have the right signs, and make sure they are neon.


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Help Your Business Stand Out This Holiday Season

The holidays present both opportunities and challenges for local businesses. There is often an influx of customers, but businesses have to contend with unusual schedules, bad weather, and sometimes frazzled shoppers. Business owners also have to deal with stiff competition for the limited holiday shopping dollars that people have to spend.

One of the most reliable ways to make things easy on your business, and your customers, is to have clear, informative signage. This also helps you stand out from the competition. In order to make the most of the holiday shopping season, use the following kinds of neon signs.


The first thing that customers will want to know is whether or not you are open. With many businesses closing down on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and around New Year’s, it can be hard for customers to adapt to holiday hours. Make sure that if you are open, you have a bright, colorful, highly visible neon sign advertising that fact.

Holiday Hours

Just because Christmas is a major holiday doesn’t mean that commerce shuts down entirely. There are many people that are looking for goods and services on Christmas Day, or in the days immediately surrounding it. If you plan to be open on Christmas, or have special hours for the day after Christmas, use a neon sign to let everyone know. Restaurants especially can attract a lot of business by letting people know they are open Christmas Day.

Holiday Specials

People are always looking for deals around the holidays. If you want to offer special pricing or incentives, make sure people know about it. A butcher shop might have a deal on Christmas hams, or a dry cleaner might offer discounts for cleaning Santa suits. You can attract new and enthusiastic customers if you use neon signage to proudly display your holiday generosity.

Multicultural Holiday Appeal

Most associate the holidays with Christmas, but many people celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other seasonal holidays. If you offer supplies to facilitate these celebrations, or you simply want to show your support for everyone’s traditions, make it known with signs. A neon sign of a menorah or Kwanzaa candles can show new customer demographics that you are excited about their holidays too. Even customers who celebrate Christmas will appreciate that you have so much respect for this special time of the year.

Holiday Greetings

Sometimes the most effective holiday signs simply offer a warm greeting to everyone that passes by. A sign wishing people a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” shows customers that you are in the holiday spirit and hoping everyone has a festive time. The best way to deliver this message is with a neon sign. Neon signs grab attention, standing out when it is nighttime, snowing, or your windows are fogged over, and they are an affordable signage option. Make the investment in a custom neon sign this season, and you can use it over and over again for years to come.


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Show Off Your Favorite College Team

college-footballThe college football season is winding down, and so far it has been a truly memorable one. Rankings will come down to the final week of the season, the Heisman prospects are still trying to make a big impression, and there promises to be a full lineup of thrilling bowl games coming soon.

If you are like tens of millions of people in this country, you have one team that you feel especially passionate about. It might be your alma mater, a school you grew up close to, or simply one you have liked since you were a kid and followed ever since. For fans like you, this is one of the most exciting times of the year, no matter how your team is doing.

If your team is in bowl contention, about to play their rivals, fighting to finish with a winning record, or simply hoping to end the season on a high note, now is the time to show your support. Every fan helps, and true fans like you can give a team the energy and spirit they need to leave it all on the field. Here are a few ways to make the end of the season a memorable one.

Dress Up

Since so many college football fans are students, there is a lot of enthusiasm for dressing up to support your team. Elaborate costumes and masses of painted chests and faces are common sights at many college games. This year, why not get into the spirit and dress up for a game or two? It could be something as simple as a little face paint, or as wild as a full mascot costume. If you have young kids, this is a great way to get them excited about your favorite team.

Have a Watch Party

There is no better way to amp up the energy than to watch the game with other fans. If you can’t make it to the game and you know some fellow fans, invite them over for a Saturday afternoon party. Make sure you have drinks and snacks, and decorate your home with team colors, or even a neon sign. Little touches like this show everyone who comes over how much you love your team.

Turn Your Man Cave into a Fan Cave

Upgrade your man cave for the end of the college football season by turning it into a true fan space. Hang up banners and pendants of your favorite team. Make sure that the space is primed for watching the games. And if you really want to show your support, get a neon sign with the name of your favorite school, their logo, mascot, or some other reference. True fans aren’t afraid to show off the fact that they love one team and one team only.

If you want to go big for the end of the season, start getting ready now. Check out the schedule, make arrangements with friends, and get ready for a thrilling conclusion. If you plan on showing your true team love by getting an All Neon Sign, make sure that you place your order before the holidays so that you can get the sign on the wall and glowing bright before the big game.


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Gifts That He Won’t Expect

Today is Santa’s List Day, which is a potent reminder that Christmas is coming and it’s time to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you are like many people, the hardest person to shop for is the man in your life. Whether it be a husband, father, brother or boyfriend, guys are not always easy to buy gifts for.

If you are at a loss for what to get a guy, there are plenty of options that have a broad appeal. You don’t have to fall back on neckties and socks, because there are unique gifts that he will love to find under the tree this season. Use these simple suggestions to find the perfect gift he will never expect.


Does your man love to play or listen to music? If so, there a tons of interesting gifts that he will love. A guitar pick press lets him punch his own picks out of old credit cards, driver’s licenses, or anything made of hard plastic. A new generation of record players makes it easy to record treasured LPs into digital versions so that they can be stored for a lifetime. And, of course, a neon sign of a guitar or music note makes a great addition to any practice space.


Camping, fishing, hunting and off-roading are all popular guy hobbies. An LED headlamp is a handy tool for all of these outdoor activities. A new set of boots or a special outdoor excursion are always thoughtful gifts. If the man you are buying for likes to tinker with his gear in the garage or basement, why not get him a neon light to show off his favorite way to have an adventure?


If you know a man who is always working on a project, there are a number of unexpected gifts that he will enjoy. Don’t risk trying to buy him tools, because that’s probably something he would rather do on his own. Instead, why not get him an extra durable cell phone case that has features designed for any handyman? A quality multitool is also a great gift. For something a little bit different, get him a custom LED sign for his home workshop, or showing off his union membership.

Car Lovers

Do you know someone who is always fixing up his car, or someone else’s car? He would probably love to get a unique automotive-themed gift for Christmas this year. A portable backup camera makes it easy to hook up a trailer hitch when he is riding solo. New gadgets allow him to read engine codes and diagnose car problems himself. And if he has a favorite automaker, a neon sign makes a great addition to the garage.

Getting a unique gift for the man in your life might take a little extra effort, but he will appreciate the thought. Remember that a custom neon sign makes a great addition to a man cave, garage, wood shop or any other manly space. If you find yourself at a loss this holiday season, give him the gift of a bright, glowing sign that shows off his passions.


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