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Show Off Your Favorite College Team

college-footballThe college football season is winding down, and so far it has been a truly memorable one. Rankings will come down to the final week of the season, the Heisman prospects are still trying to make a big impression, and there promises to be a full lineup of thrilling bowl games coming soon.

If you are like tens of millions of people in this country, you have one team that you feel especially passionate about. It might be your alma mater, a school you grew up close to, or simply one you have liked since you were a kid and followed ever since. For fans like you, this is one of the most exciting times of the year, no matter how your team is doing.

If your team is in bowl contention, about to play their rivals, fighting to finish with a winning record, or simply hoping to end the season on a high note, now is the time to show your support. Every fan helps, and true fans like you can give a team the energy and spirit they need to leave it all on the field. Here are a few ways to make the end of the season a memorable one.

Dress Up

Since so many college football fans are students, there is a lot of enthusiasm for dressing up to support your team. Elaborate costumes and masses of painted chests and faces are common sights at many college games. This year, why not get into the spirit and dress up for a game or two? It could be something as simple as a little face paint, or as wild as a full mascot costume. If you have young kids, this is a great way to get them excited about your favorite team.

Have a Watch Party

There is no better way to amp up the energy than to watch the game with other fans. If you can’t make it to the game and you know some fellow fans, invite them over for a Saturday afternoon party. Make sure you have drinks and snacks, and decorate your home with team colors, or even a neon sign. Little touches like this show everyone who comes over how much you love your team.

Turn Your Man Cave into a Fan Cave

Upgrade your man cave for the end of the college football season by turning it into a true fan space. Hang up banners and pendants of your favorite team. Make sure that the space is primed for watching the games. And if you really want to show your support, get a neon sign with the name of your favorite school, their logo, mascot, or some other reference. True fans aren’t afraid to show off the fact that they love one team and one team only.

If you want to go big for the end of the season, start getting ready now. Check out the schedule, make arrangements with friends, and get ready for a thrilling conclusion. If you plan on showing your true team love by getting an All Neon Sign, make sure that you place your order before the holidays so that you can get the sign on the wall and glowing bright before the big game.


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Gifts That He Won’t Expect

Today is Santa’s List Day, which is a potent reminder that Christmas is coming and it’s time to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you are like many people, the hardest person to shop for is the man in your life. Whether it be a husband, father, brother or boyfriend, guys are not always easy to buy gifts for.

If you are at a loss for what to get a guy, there are plenty of options that have a broad appeal. You don’t have to fall back on neckties and socks, because there are unique gifts that he will love to find under the tree this season. Use these simple suggestions to find the perfect gift he will never expect.


Does your man love to play or listen to music? If so, there a tons of interesting gifts that he will love. A guitar pick press lets him punch his own picks out of old credit cards, driver’s licenses, or anything made of hard plastic. A new generation of record players makes it easy to record treasured LPs into digital versions so that they can be stored for a lifetime. And, of course, a neon sign of a guitar or music note makes a great addition to any practice space.


Camping, fishing, hunting and off-roading are all popular guy hobbies. An LED headlamp is a handy tool for all of these outdoor activities. A new set of boots or a special outdoor excursion are always thoughtful gifts. If the man you are buying for likes to tinker with his gear in the garage or basement, why not get him a neon light to show off his favorite way to have an adventure?


If you know a man who is always working on a project, there are a number of unexpected gifts that he will enjoy. Don’t risk trying to buy him tools, because that’s probably something he would rather do on his own. Instead, why not get him an extra durable cell phone case that has features designed for any handyman? A quality multitool is also a great gift. For something a little bit different, get him a custom LED sign for his home workshop, or showing off his union membership.

Car Lovers

Do you know someone who is always fixing up his car, or someone else’s car? He would probably love to get a unique automotive-themed gift for Christmas this year. A portable backup camera makes it easy to hook up a trailer hitch when he is riding solo. New gadgets allow him to read engine codes and diagnose car problems himself. And if he has a favorite automaker, a neon sign makes a great addition to the garage.

Getting a unique gift for the man in your life might take a little extra effort, but he will appreciate the thought. Remember that a custom neon sign makes a great addition to a man cave, garage, wood shop or any other manly space. If you find yourself at a loss this holiday season, give him the gift of a bright, glowing sign that shows off his passions.


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Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

The gift-giving season is fast approaching, and for many people the biggest challenge is finding a great gift for a husband, boyfriend or father. If the man in your life seems to have everything, and claims that there is nothing he particularly wants this year, what is a person to do? Socks and neck ties always make for boring gifts.

One ideal option for any man is a neon sign. He can hang it in his man cave or garage and have a unique piece of decoration that’s also personal. The man in your life will love the bright light of his new neon sign.

neon-signsThere are thousands of different neon signs out there, but not all of them are appropriate for a man cave. He probably doesn’t want a sign advertising facial waxing burning bright while the game is on. To give your man’s favorite room in the house some personal character, look for these kinds of neon signs.


He can show his allegiance to his favorite college or professional sports team by putting their sign on his wall. If he never misses a game and sits on the edge of his seat until the final second ticks off the clock, a neon sign lets everyone know he is a true fan. There are options featuring team logos, mascots, signature colors and iconic dates. No matter what sport he loves, there’s a neon sign he will be proud to hang on his wall.


For a lot of guys, the man cave doubles as a home bar. Complete that authentic tavern look by putting up a neon sign for his favorite beer. Better still, put signs up for all his favorite beers. Beer signs are one of the most common neon creations, and there is a look, style and brand for any man. If beer is not his thing, look for his favorite brand of spirits.


Does he love riding motorcycles, surfing or playing poker? Hang a custom sign up in his man cave that looks like a revving bike or a royal flush. He can show off his true passions to anyone who is invited inside. Don’t expect to find a neon sign in the shape of knitting needles, but for all other hobbies, you’re covered.


He works hard and takes pride in being good at what he does. There are lots of neon signs that are meant to show off a trade. If he is a mechanic, firefighter or member of the armed services, outfit his man cave with a neon sign that tells everyone what he does. If you can’t find one to represent his job, think about having a custom one made.

Neon signs are unique gifts that every man enjoys. You can conveniently order one from your own home and have it delivered right to your front door. You can even have a custom one made with any pictures, colors or words that he likes. The possibilities are endless, and this is one gift he’s definitely not expecting this year.


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